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Posted on June 18, 2013

Skyrim Daedric Dagger


The Daedric Dagger is a weapon from the popular game Skyrim. It is a very interesting weapon and I figured I could try to make it. Below is what the dagger from the game looks like.

The Build

This is the plate of steel I used to make the dagger. I first thought that it was a medium-high carbon steel, but weeks later when I attempted to heat treat it, I found out that it wasn't. I used a grinder to observe the spark size to determine whether the steel was medium carbon or not and it ended up being low carbon

I drew a template and cut it out using cardboard to draw the shape on the plate. I then used a torch to cut out the rough shape of the dagger.

Since the dagger was made using multiple pieces, I had to weld each piece together. The handle was made by cutting a section off of a car axle and then putting a slight bend in it and hammering out the ends. This was then welded to the blade. The axle is actually a higher carbon steel than the blade.

If you look at the pictures of the actual dagger, you will see that the rear blade extends on both the top and bottom of the handle. The artists who drew the design for the Daedric dagger must not have ever intended for it to be made and used because this was a design flaw in that the blade will stick you while you are holding it and will definitely cut you if you try to use it. I found that out quickly. I made a redesign that shortens the rear blade and rounds off the end of it. The second picture is very rusty because I stopped working on it for a few weeks and the bare steel rusted very easily. I then taped it up and got it ready for paint.

This was my first attempt at making a dagger so it doesn't look quite like the real one, but it's still cool. The paint was just a black hammered paint with a streak of red on the blade. I didn't bother trying to get all the designs on the blade painted or engraved.

After some time working on this dagger, I started to slack off and make it look differently. That is the main reason why it doesn't look closer to the picture.

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