Project Listing

Name Category Completed Status Date
Fallout Radio Decorative No Stalled
2 Mar 2017
Servo Laser Electronics Yes Finished
28 Jan 2017
Sequential Lights Electronics No Stalled
22 Nov 2016
Tube Amp Mod Guitar Electronics Yes Finished
17 Sep 2016
Missile Weapon No Stalled
7 Jul 2016
RangeMaster Clone Guitar Electronics Yes Finished
15 Jun 2016
Solder Reflow Oven Electronics No Usable
10 May 2016
Guitar Pickups Guitar Electronics Yes Finished
22 Feb 2016
GPS Speedometer Electronics Yes Usable
2 Feb 2016
Skyrim Weapon Rack Decorative Yes Finished
30 Dec 2015
AVR Development Board Electronics Yes Finished
27 Dec 2015
Arcade Machine Electronics No Never finished, just more complete
30 Mar 2015
Guitar Hanger Decorative Yes Finished
16 Feb 2015
6 Sided Die Decorative Yes Finished
30 Jan 2015
The Writ Guitar Electronics No Stalled
28 Jun 2014
Steel Longsword Weapons Yes Finished
28 Jun 2014
Hot Fuzz Guitar Electronics Yes Finished
30 Mar 2014
Wah Guitar Electronics Yes Finished
30 Mar 2014
Original RetroPi Guitar Electronics Yes Finished
14 Mar 2014
High Voltage Electronics Yes Sure, it's finished
20 Dec 2013
Daedric Dagger Weapons Yes Finished
18 Jun 2013
Tube Crunch Guitar Electronics Yes Finished
30 Apr 2013
Germanium Fuzz Guitar Electronics Yes Finished
27 Jan 2013

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My name is Taylor Daniska. I am a student at Clemson University, majoring in Computer Engineering. I have always had a desire to build and design electronics. I also try to build and replicate things from games or things I like. I have a number of projects listed on this website that are documented (maybe outdated). I try my best to keep this site up and current, but that is not always easy.