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Posted on March 30, 2015

Arcade Machine

Retro gaming is very fun. Unfortunatly, the vintage consoles and games will break the bank. Emulators are a great place to start, but simply running them on a PC sort of takes away from the game. I set out to build an all-in-one machine to play every game from Asteroids to Halo


The Build

To minimize cost, I planned on only buying two sheets of medium density fiberboard and all the pieces would then be cut out. Below is the template for a 4' x 8' sheet that includes everything needed to make a simple cabinet.

Arcade Machine

To make the pieces fit together, each will need to be cut with angled edges. Finding and cutting these angles can be very tedious, but is worth it.

I also began to work on the internals and the monitor. HAPP makes great arcade parts and can be purchased for not a lot of money. I did have to fabricate a bracket for the monitor.

A fresh coat of black paint does it justice and with the blue trim it looks even better. Due to a time crunch to enter this arcade machine in a showcase, I did not quite finish it and the computer was a Raspberry Pi running PiMAME [since renamed to PiPlay]. Casters were added to help roll it around.

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